Histoire d'El Gouna

At 27 km in the north of Hurghada, in front of waving mountains and near by the Red Sea you will find El Gouna, the famous place of the area. Long from 11 km, El Gouna has been built on 9 islands where are passing sweet blue mangroves.

El Gouna offers all what people want,  quiet beaches, luxurious hotels, desert safaris and diving on the more beautiful dive sites in the world. The place is appropriate for families with kids and guests who want to enjoy the night life.

El Gouna is a romantic place turned on the sea with a dreamed marina. Known all over the world, El Gouna is the best place to rest in a beautiful villa or in a luxurious hotel and dinner in originals restaurants with fun atmosphere.

At the beginning El Gouna was an holiday place, now it is a real city with his own atmosphere and identity which attract many tourists and residents.

Many people came back later to open shops, restaurants but also water or wine firms. To open your own business is not only a dream, in El Gouna it is possible.

It was difficult to imagine but El Gouna succeeded to grow up keeping the respect of the nice design of the place and all the services you need for a better life.

Even if El Gouna is growing up fast, it still respects the environment. It is why many times El Gouna has been elected has "The city the more ecologist of all Egypt" thanks to all the efforts done to protect and respect the nature.

El Gouna s'est développé dans un esprit où l'esprit créatif et le goût de l'aventure est vivace.

EL Gouna : The Kafr is the heart of the place, a down town where the acticities only stop few hours during the night. Tourists and residents like to meet each others in this place to have a drink or enjoy a nice meal. Built on an island, the down town respects the egyptian traditional architecture with small streets, arcades, arabesque. The worm colors of the Kafr contrast with the turquoise blue of the mangroves.The Kafr offers all what you can find in a down town : colorful shops, art galeries, coffee shops, many restaurants offering egyptian, french, italian, idian and Thai food, bars, discotheque, cinema but also everyday services as schools, travel agencies, post...

Carte d'El Gouna

El Gouna par satellite

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